We help you throughout the journey

We will always be available if you require any assistant.

When you complete your course with us this is not the end but just the beginning. We will always be available if you require assistant with your clients or advise for your career.

Gain Qualification


You are welcome to come and take the front seat of our workshops to allow you to gain confidence in your own skills and of course experience the joy of sharing your experience of your time in the Academy and share the skills you have learnt over time.

Be a part


Once you gain the qualification you will become part of our primary team that attends Bridal services, shows and have access to our team to assist you with your clients as you can always advertise that you are part of our Academy to give you the upper hand in presenting yourself.

Build your profile


We understand that the Glamorous world of Makeup and Fashion can be daunting for some so we want to let you know that we are there for you and are working towards to creating an Agency where all qualified Students can build their profiles to advertise themselves for paid work and build your career.

*Workshops and Aftercare is only applicable to Advanced course Students*