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You will receive your full pro kit including

  • Disclaimer Sheet Template
  • Training Head and Clamp
  • Practice I-Tip Hair Stands
  • Practice U-Tip Stands
  • Practice Nano Stands
  • Nano Rings
  • Micro Rings
  • Practice Weft Hair
  • Tape Hair
  • Heat Connector
  • Closing Pliers
  • Sectioning Clips
  • Loop Tool
  • Loop Brush
  • Tail Comb
  • Heat Shields
  • Colour Ring
  • Professional Hair Scissors
  • Professional Hair Thinner

The hair extension industry and the latest trends available

  • Completing a client consultation
  • Working safely and efficiently
  • Selecting the correct extensions for your client
  • Colour matching your client’s hair
  • Sectioning the client’s hair to apply extensions
  • Positioning extensions to achieve different looks adding length, volume, high/low lights & fashion slices
  • Applying five different methods of extensions
  • Maintaining your client’s extensions
  • Aftercare
  • Removing hair extensions
  • Cutting techniques to shape and blend the hair
  • How to educate your clients on aftercare and maintenance
  • Launching your business
  • Insuring your new skills
  • Marketing your business
  • Your free advertising
  • Details of suppliers
  • Pricing structure for your company
  • Unlike a standard “micro ring weft” or “la weave” where weft is applied to micro rings in the hair,
  • The celebrity weave is applied to a track built using micro rings and the clients natural hair.
  • A firm favourite with celebrities!

This is a fast service and can be fitted in under 45 minutes. The celebrity weave creates a seamless finish and is ideal for any hair type. The smallest hair extension method available in the industry.
90% smaller than a standard micro ring the nano ring method is almost invisible in the hair.
Ideal for even fine hair they create a seamless finish in the hair.

Courses in: london & milton keynes

Save your place with just a £100 deposit 

  • Pay the balance 4 -7 day before your course date
  • Full certificate recognised worldwide
  • Trade discounts with R.A.B.L.
  • Free gifts from trade suppliers
  • Lifetime support from your educator
  • *Membership to reeta arora beauty lounge
  • Ideal for beginners and experienced stylists
  • Full professional kit included
  • Trimming included in this course
  • Free advertising for your new skills
  • Best training reviews online

2 Day Hair Extension Student Portifolio